Monday, December 6, 2010

PB banana poppers!

These are a great snack when craving a treat or peanut butter! They are super quick and low in calories! They are great to take to parties/get togethers. SO GOOD! (Thanks to Hungry Girl!)


    1 medium-large Banana 2 T Great Value Fat Free Whipped Topping 1 T Skippy Natural Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter


Cut bannana into twenty circular slices, lay ten slices flat on a plate and set all of the banana slices aside.
In a small bowl, mix whipped topping and peanut butter untill blended Evenly distribute PB mixture on top of the banana slices on the plate.
Finish off by placing another banana slice on top of each covered slice, making 10 mini sandwhiches.
Freeze until solid, about 1 hour. Store in the freezer untill ready to serve. Enjoy!
* TIP * Eat or serve these within a day or so of making them. After that, they’ll need to be slightly thawed before eating.

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