Thursday, March 17, 2011

Veggie Tuna Wrap

Veggie Tuna Wrap! (Jessie doesn't like tuna so she substitutes canned chicken)

I medium low fat tortilla (we love the brand La Tortilla) (about 110 calories per tortilla)
2 oz of canned tuna (or canned chicken) drained from can
2 TBL broccoli coleslaw mix (or regular kind)
1 TBL chopped dill pickle
1 TBL chopped red onions
2 small tomato slices, halved
1 TBL fat-free mayo
2 TBL of spicy, or dijonnaise mustard.

microwave tortilla until slightly warm and set it aside
combine tuna, mayo, and mustard. add pickle, onions, and slaw mix. mix well.
place tuna mixture in the center of your tortilla add tomato slices then fold tortilla sides and rollit up tightly!

Another good idea is to make this a quesdilla! cut the tortilla in half, and fry on pan! SOOOO good.

Makes one serving: 215 calories.


  1. yum! this would be perfect for my lunches!

  2. Becca! its really yummy. and good. you should make it!

  3. the spicy mustard was too much for my liking. I want to make it again but change the sauce a bit so it's not so spicy. I love mustard usually.